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easyWallbox is a special device that when fixed to the wall is the quickest and simplest way to charge at home. Just plug-in and… that’s it! easyWallbox is weatherproof[1] and with a simple upgrade will autonomously manage the charging session using only your available power, avoiding the risk of black-outs.

easyWallbox for Jeep

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Simple to Install

< 20 minutes

Simple to use

full charge every day

Power Upgrade

with dedicated installation


integrated cable

Safe and Smart

real time adjustments to available energy

Indoor & Outdoor

operates safely in wide range of weather conditions

Simple Functionalities

Plug & Play

All you need is an electrical socket[2]. No complex installations or electrical upgrades. Just fix the easyWallbox to the wall and plug it, like any home appliance.

Dynamic Charging

A clever use of the available power in your home: install the Dynamic Power Management (DPM) sensor [3], turn on your house appliances, and easyWallbox will autonomously manage the charging session using available power.


easyWallbox can operate in Plug & Play mode by a standard electrical socket up to 2.3 kW[4] or can reach up to 7.4 kW[4] with a simple upgrade by a specialist[3] .

Weather Resistant

Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor spaces, operating safely in a wide range of temperatures [1].

Data Sheet

Easy Installation

For operating up to 2.3 kW[4] just follow the user manual’s easy instructions.

Easy Upgrade

For operating up to 7.4 kW[4] refer to qualified service, as it requires a dedicated installation by a specialist.

Dedicated App for both Android and iOS smartphones that allows you to set up your easyWallbox and monitor its operating parameters available to download from My Uconnect mobile App.

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User Manual[5]

Power Upgrade: Guidelines

easyWallbox for Jeep

Declaration of conformity

Data Sheet[5]


    Power Upgrade: Guidelines

    WARNING: the installation of easyWallbox for the power upgrade must be carried out by professional electricians with the necessary skill, experience and certifications. As a result, easyWallbox PowerUp and the Installer’s Manual are only intended for professional electricians. Do not try to install easyWallbox for the power upgrade if you are not a professional electrician and do not use easyWallbox PowerUp You may put yourself and others in great danger and cause serious damage to people, animals and things (e.g. you could cause a fire). 

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